What is Jiruu?

Jiruu is a career development web based platform that connects job seekers, students, and aspiring professionals with accomplished professionals that provide vital advice and career based information. The Jiruu platform allows aspiring professionals to find and have conversations with highly experienced professionals at an affordable cost, while also allowing professionals to be financially compensated for providing advice and expertise to aspiring professionals in a convenient format. 

What is a Jiruu Pro?

A Jiruu pro is an industry professional that has significant experience and knowledge related to a particular career field. This person is readily available and willing to give advice/guidance to aspiring professionals on the Jiruu platform. Jiruu pros can be considered to be an advocate, coach, teacher, guide, role model, door-opener, available resource, cheerful critic, and career enthusiast.

Should I add details about myself to my profile?

Yes, your Jiruu profile informs professionals on who you are and serves as consistent source of your personal career profile. Providing additional information about your work history, education history, skills, and  a personal description helps professionals better understand your career aspirations and how they can more effectively help you.

How do I get started using Jiruu?

It’s easy to use! Simply click on the “Find a Professional” button at the top of any page on the website after you login. Search for professionals using the search engine and then select a professional you like from the search results. After selecting your professional you can then schedule an appointment with them from their profile page. When scheduling an appointment it is always beneficial to include a brief description of what you would like to talk about. This helps the professional be more prepared for the appointment and improves the service you will receive. At the time of your appointment you will need to call the professional in order to initiate the appointment. You can call the professional by clicking on the video call or audio call buttons that can be found on their profile. You also have the ability to call the professional from the upcoming appointments page under the appointments tab on your dashboard.

How do I call my Jiruu pro at the time of my appointment?

You can call your Jiruu pro by clicking on the video call or audio call buttons that are located on each pro’s profile page. You also have the ability to call the pro from the upcoming appointments page under the appointments tab on your dashboard.

How long is my session with Jiruu professionals?

All sessions on Jiruu are 30 minutes. If you want to talk to a professional for longer than that time you can schedule consecutive sessions using the professional’s appointment scheduler. 

How do I pay for my session with Jiruu professionals?

After each session Jiruu will charge the paypal account you provided while signing up or before initiating your session with the professional. If you have Jiruu credits associated with your account they will be used to pay for your session. One Jiruu credit is deducted for each 30 minute session you have with a professional. If you would like to update your payment options, you can do this by accessing the payment options page from your dashboard.